Poly Hurdle Set - Clip+Stick+Base

Product Code: rtYAfaVR/phs

The Poly Hurdle Set is used for jumping training as well as circuit training sessions. It is very versatile because of its adjustable height. Use it indoors or outdoors and get in shape through diversified training sessions - also great for mixing up a monotonous training. It allows you to get that extra agility that regular running sessions do not provide. Use several poly hurdles to create your own training circuit!

Poly Hurdle Set includes:

  • 2 Clips
  • 3 Sticks (100cm long)
  • 2 Bases (Dia. 20cm)

Colour: Yellow


$29.00  ($31.90 inc GST)






>> Easily adjustable height. Simply slide the clip up or down until the desired height is reached. The bar across is clipped on in the same way.

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