GO-GO Balance Board

Product Code: rtyAFbal3/gogo/5kg

Go-Go Balance Board


GREAT FOR rehabilitation, muscle strengthening, rotational balance, proprioception training, knee and ankle stability training, overall better posture.

The Go-Go Balance Board includes two 90cm long tubes with handles that allow you to transform this balance tool into a total body exercise machine. By trying to balance your body weight on the board, many muscle groups are required to work. This enables you to perform an accelerated training session as you will see and feel faster results than doing similar exercises on the ground.

Product Size: 

2 TUBES: 11.5mm X 2.5mm X 90cm each
BOARD:     31cm  X 18cm   X 105c


$79.35  ($87.29 inc GST)


Sample Exercises (click image to enlarge):

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