hBAND - yogitoes headband

Product Code: rtyAytenHB

Available colours: (Clockwise: Guava, Kiwi, Mango, Red, Black, Moss & Teal)

Designed to comfortably hold back the hair or cover the eyes to experience Pratyahara (sense withdrawl) during savasana or meditation. Holds up great in the wash and they don't fall off. Does not work its way backwards like other headbands. Soaks up sweat whilst keeping your hair pinned back. Smooth soft feeling.



  • Buy Single Headbands: $6.00/headband ($6.60 inc GST)
  • Buy bag of 4 Headbands: $18.00/bag ($19.80 inc GST) - equals $4.50/headband
"The Yogitoes headband stays in place even when I sweating. They hold up well in the wash. No complaints!"

"The headband is good for my needs. Comfortable to wear and not too tight."

"The Yogitoes headband is snug and stays put without slipping. I liked it enough to buy one of each color. The bands are easy to wash in a lingerie bag and air dry. Recommended."
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