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The Wall Bar is used like a ballet barre and has the same applications as a yoga horse. The bar is helpful in doing standing poses, twists, spinal traction, and various shoulder openings. The Wall Bar comes in two lengths: 26" (~66cm) for a single station and 46" (~116cm) for multiple stations. Each Wall Bar has two brackets that clip into two of the Wall Plates. Wall Plates sold separately.

Also available:

Wall Bar Holders

The Wall Bar holder is a fast and easy way to store your Wall Bars. Four sizes:

  • 1 bar holder $32.00 ($35.20 inc. GST)
  • 2 bar holder $36.00 ($39.60 inc. GST)
  • 3 bar holder $40.00 ($44.00 inc. GST)
  • 4 bar holder $44.00 ($48.40 inc. GST)
  • 5 bar holder $48.00 ($52.80 inc. GST)

Great wall Stretch Bar:

26" (~66cm) Wall Bar -       $180.00 ($198.00 inc GST)

46" (~116cm) Wall Bar -     $185.00 ($203.50 inc GST)

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