Any natural rubber smell (as you get with new car or bike tyres) will dissipate over a short period of time.  The best way to accelerate this process is to air the mat out in a well ventilated area (e.g in front of an open window in your laundry, or a fan). Thicker mats contain more rubber and therefore will take a little longer. We do keep the mats in a ventilated warehouse, which speeds the process, the mats you get depend whether we have already opened that box before you choose your colors.

Please avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlightThe sun causes the rubber to deteriorate, eventually drying out and losing its grip.  This can happen very quickly if they mat is left outside in direct sunlight for just a few hours, or over an extended period of time if the sun exposure is through a window or only for a short time during the day over a longer period of time – some people have discovered this problem after leaving their mat in the back seat of their car or near a window in the house over a period of time. 

Hand wash with a tiny drip of mild dishwashing liquid and warm water. Rinse thoroughly. Lay flat or hang to dry in shade.

Customer Reviews
"Finally I have a mat that does NOT slip when I sweat. It is much more solid and gives me more supportive cushioning that I had before with the regular mats. I love to practice on it"

"Thank you for the lovely Jade teacher’s mat you gave me, its one of the best mats I’ve had yet, I really love it and there has been no awkward slippery breaking in period.
I remember the last mat I had was so slippery at the start my teacher was adjusting me and pushing my hips and he pushed me off the mat and we both ended up in smothered giggles!"

"I have received the 10 eco mats here in Mossman far north queensland and yes they are good mats for yoga. John

"Thank you so much for the new Jade extra-long, extra-wide rubber yoga mat. The mat is sheer bliss!! I love it!! Have told everyone in my class where I got it! Claire"

"We've been really pleased with your mats and how they've held up. We're specifically after your longer mats and the thickest ones which are lovely to practice on."