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190cm Extra Wide Giant Mat Roll (20mtrs)

Product Code: rtEX190blk/45kg

There is a discount for more than 1 roll. For QTY enter the number of full rolls you need.

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from $72.00 / mtr; 4.5mm thick.
Full roll 20mtr only (33 uncut mats x 190cm)



  • 190cm wide instead of standard 60cm wide

  • Popular thickness approx 4.5mm

  • Roll is 20mtrs by 190cm

  • Makes 33 standard 60cm width mats (approx $29.50 per mat)

  • Popular for square cut mats e.g. 190cm x 190cm

  • Textured non-slip surface

  • Extremely durable and completely latex free

  • Rolls only, we do not precut more than 1 piece. Please take care when cutting.

  • Weight approx 970g per sq m.

  • Made in Germany

  • Only available in Black

Cut length: $72.00 / mtr =  $0.72cents / cmtr ($0.79 inc. GST)
(e.g. 60cm wide = $43.20 / pce + gst)

Full roll: $36.00 / mtr x 20 mtrs = $720.00 roll  ($792.00 inc. GST)
(60cm wide = $21.60 / pce + gst)

Our Giant Yoga Mat Roll is the largest Yoga Mat Roll we have found! Thicker than most mats for extra comfort, our Giant Yoga Mat Roll is made in Germany of the highest quality material available. Our full 4.5mm (approx) extra thick mat is the standard for yoga studios and individuals alike. Each roll is 20 metres long, which is long enough to cut about 33 yoga mats that are 190cm long.

You can make square mats from this Giant Yoga Mat Roll as well which will allow Yoga students to easily transition from one asana to the next without worrying about moving off the mat. Because the mat can be cut to a perfect 190cm x 190cm square, all parts of the body can easily remain on the mat at all times, making it ideal for outdoor practice, and its large size makes it a must-have for Partner and Acrobatic type AcroYoga classes!

Yoga is not the only thing you can do with your Jumbo Yoga Mat, it is easy-clean and the non-slip surface makes it perfect for a picnic in the park or a resting place during a hot day at the water playground / park.

Please note:

  • If the flooring is treated with water-based lacquers, please allow at least 3 months full drying time before using this product.

  • No adhesion when wet

    ECO FRIENDLY Made in Germany and tested against harmful substances for skin contact (Oeko-Tex 100 Level 2) to ensure your safety. see www.oeko-tex.com You can be sure your mat is absolutely safe to work on, no matter how long you practice on it. This test is for articles which are worn or where there is significant direct contact with the skin and tests for Heavy Metals, DOP Softeners and other chemicals. These mats are also carefully produced so as to not emit toxic gases during manufacturing and due to their superior wear, they are less likely to end up in landfills. They are also flame-retardant.

"This was the best idea we had. We share our studio with a dance class. We want a soft, non-slip base and they like slippery for fast toe work. We measured the wall to wall sizes and cut pieces  and store them in a cupboard at the end of the class. Works really well with just Yogitoes towels." Dravka (Power and Dance Studio)

"Our fitness club bought this to use in the hot yoga room that is also used for pilates beds, mummy and me classes as well as meditation classes. The matting is rolled up and stored when the machines come out. For the yoga and sitting classes the beds are stacked outside the room and the matting laid out. We get lots of compliments, the cushioning makes poses and inversions soft to land, great for elbows and knees and safer being non-slip. We recommend the Yogitoes towels on top, they can take them home and wash them and our floor stays drier." Brenda (Border Yoga & Health)

"We rent the local hall for our Yoga Circle classes in Gippsland. The hall is small and the matting is great as we can always squeeze in extra people without having to shuffle around mats". Sue Walsh

"Good on its own and if students bring a mat the thickness is doubled so it is also good for pilates and fitness poses, back rolls to protect the spine, partuicularly for my older group" Lucy Atkins, Waverley NSW