Hoop - Various Sizes

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Use this flat agility hoop for versatile agility and speed training. The number of exercises you can perform with this ring are endless - create a hoop agility ladder by aligning multiple hoops, do "gorilla runs" or "monkey in the middle". They are suitable for any age group and fitness level, so it does not matter if you use them for a training session with professional footbal players or a gym class in elementary school.

You can also use these agility hoops for dog or cat training (e.g. jump through the hoop).

Made of PVC

AGILITY RING (5 set) - as shown in image below:

These agility rings provide training foot speed or plyometric drills. Great for motor skill development in children and adults.

Price and Size details:

Amount Size Colour Price
5 Rings (Set)
32cm diameter assorted colours
$15.00 (set of 5) ($16.50 inc GST)


*The orange and red colours of the rings also enhances its visibility, no matter if you use them indoors on a hardwood floor or outdoors on the grass.

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