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Yin Yang Yoga Mat 30m Studio Rolls 4.5mm

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From $495. Tough but soft
60cm Wide x 30m



The Studio Mat, made from extra-thick wear-resistant foam, strengthened with PES/glass yarn fabric, sets a new standard for PVC yoga mats. This non-slip mat has a stable surface and excellent cushioning qualities, yet remains flexible and pleasantly soft. We guarantee it will remain in excellent condition for many years.

We are especially proud to offer you a mat, that has attained OEKO-TEX Standard 100 Class 1 eco certification. This means that all the materials employed in its manufacture are completely safe (baby standard).

The mats are competitively priced and provide exceptional comfort and reliability for your yoga and exercises.

Machine washable at temperatures up to 60° C.

Black 60cm x 30m Roll - $495.00 ($544.50 inc GST)

Depending on the size Yoga Mats you are wanting, you can get between 15 - 17 full sized yoga mats from one roll. Many different yogis and studios vary in what they believe is a standard size. Most popular sizes range from about 173cm - 180cm.

Size options you may consider:

  • 15 x 200cm Mats

  • 16 x 187.50cm Mats

  • 17 x 176cm Mats

  • or 18 x 166cm Mats (more suited for kids yoga classes).

Unfortunately we cannot cut the rolls for you. The best way to go about cutting them is using a long ruler - or just something sturdy with a straight edge - and slicing it with a stanley knife. This material can be cut with scissors but the end result may not be as precise.