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Alumilite Walking Exercise Cane

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Walking canes have traditionally been used as merely mobility aids, but with the Health Mark Alumilite Walking Cane you can convert your casual walk into a track-able fitness experience. The custom contoured cane handle with attachable foam pads will provide maximum comfort to your hand as the Alumilite Walking Cane assists you in relieving stress to your knees, hips, ankles and back, while tracking your movement activities. Each time the patented rubberized cane tip contacts the ground, the embedded sensor is activated tracking your steps taken, distance traveled, time of movement and calories burned. And the results are boldly displayed on the easy to read LED console. The non-skid rubber walking tip is also environmentally friendly as it limits the disturbance to the terrain when walking on unpaved surfaces. And for your early morning or late evening walks, the Alumilite Walking Cane features a detachable dual function light to either illuminate your path or to blink and signal distress. So whether you’re walking for fun, pleasure or simply out of necessity why not make it a measurable fitness occasion.
  • Casual Walking 
  • Fitness Walking
  • Walking for your Health
  • General Mobility 
  • Reduces Stress on the Knees, Ankles, Hips and Back


  • High Grade Aluminum Shaft with Dual Locking System (Pop Pin and Twist Lock)
  • Contoured ABS Handle with Attachable Foam Grips
  • NBR Upper Pole (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber)
  • LED Unit Housed in Molded ABS Plastic for Strength and Durability
  • Polyester Wrist Strap
  • Non-Skid Rubber Walking Tip Prevents Environmental Damage
  • Digital Read-out Displays Time, Steps, Calories and Distance
  • 2 Function Adjustable Light Attachment (Blinking – Warning Signal; Constant – for Improved Visibility)
  • Height Adjusts from 80cm to 1m in 8 Increments
  • Net Weight 0.6kg. 
  • Shortens or Quickly Disassembles in 2 Parts for Easy Storage or Transport

$79.00  ($86.90 inc GST)

$31.60 ($34.76 inc GST)