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Anuloma Viloma Yoga & Meditation Timer

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The Anuloma Viloma Timer is a modern elecrical impluse device to help you with your breathing during yoga & meditation. It is great for nose breathing, ideal for yoga teachers during class or for your own practice at home! Thanks to the feedback of many Yoga teachers and practitioners, the improved timer now includes functions for pranayama, asana and meditation. Manufatured in Germany with sustainable manufacturing methods. The packaging of the timer comes from environmentally sustainable managed forests.

  • Stopwatch & interval signal

  • Waterproof & Shockproof

  • Practical rope for aound the neck

  • Shows the current breathing direction

  • Easy to change program during exercise

In addition to showing the breathing direction (left inhale, pause, exhale right, etc.), the AV Timer also shows the remaining time for the current step and a preview of the next breathing step. Your completed lap number is also displayed.

The AV Timer has 16 adjustable programs, therefore it is suitable for all levels from beginner to advanced. A beep will be turned on, which has three adjustable volume levels.

Attention can be directed entirely on the student's breath of the higher self.

Alternate Breathing / Nadi Shodhana

The Anuloma Viloma Timer provides you with all the information that is important for the announcement and implementation of alternate breathing.

In addition to the  breathing direction (inhale on the left, stop, exhale on the right, etc.), the  remaining time for the current exercise step, a  preview of the next exercise step and the number of laps already completed  are displayed.

The Anuloma Viloma Timer has  16 adjustable programs for the rhythms 4: 4: 8 to 16:64:32. The device is therefore suitable for all exercise levels from beginners to advanced. The desired program can be changed during the exercise. In addition, a signal tone can be  switched on, which is adjustable in three volume levels.

The Anuloma Viloma Timer makes it easier for yoga teachers and exercise instructors to announce alternate breathing and provides security when the announcement is made. Typical errors, such as confusing right and left or rhythm fluctuations that are unpleasant for students, are eliminated by the precise display.

Yoginis and yogis who practice alternating breathing themselves can do without annoying seconds counting or aids such as alarm clocks and watches with the Anuloma Viloma Timer.

Attention can be focused entirely on the student, the breath or the higher self.