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Athletic Conditioning on Stability Cushions

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This DVD provides an athletic conditioning workout specifically designed with the Stability Cushions that will activate your stabilizing muscles helping you develop greater coordination and control. Master Instructor Trainer John Garey will teach you combined functional movement patterns critical to athletic conditioning with effective core training exercises.

WORKOUT LEVEL: Advanced (Level 4 of 5)
EQUIPMENT REQUIRED: Mat and Stability Cushions™ Small (pair)

Intensify your workout with the unstable surface of the Stability Cushions!

DVD Contents
  • 23 exercises
  • Workout Time - 48 min
  • DVD Length - 106 min

EXERCISES: Standing stationary lunges, Kneeling squat, Kneeling hip flexion with spinal rotation, Single thigh stretch – runners lunge, Kneeling roll down to plank, Standing squats, Standing hip flexion with spinal rotation, Standing squat to plank, Side lying, Ab prep with leg slide combo, Ab prep, Inverted pelvic rotation, Oblique can-can, Swan, Transfer lunges, Lunge to knee lift, Side squat to hamstring curl, Spine stretch forward, Pelvic tilt, Imprint and release, Spinal rotation, Saw and Supine incline pec stretch

  • Five Basic Principles
  • Work out with music only
  • Special Message from the Founders
  • Learn about Instructor Training