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Athletic Conditioning on the Reformer: Level 2 DVD

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Included on this amazing DVD are two sport-specific Reformer-based workouts designed with the driven athlete in mind. Containing a 51-minute workout as well as a 25-minute workout, the determined athlete will reach new heights of physical performance. The required equipment and workout DVD will boost strength, agility, coordination and endurance.

WORKOUT LEVEL: Beginner to intermediate (Level 2 of 5)

LANGUAGE TRACKS: English, Spanish

REQUIRED EQUIPMENT: Reformer, Jumpboard, Reformer Box, Maple Pole Platform Extender and Fitness Circle

Pilates is the key to achieving athletic excellence; it can perfect your performance in every sport. Master Instructor Trainer, John Garey, takes you through two exercise programs that sharpen agility, boost strength and endurance, and prevent injury. Learn how to isolate muscles and increase movement efficiency while emphasizing core stability.

DVD Contents

  • 13 & 13 exercises
  • Workout Time - 51 & 25 min
  • DVD Length - 111 min


This DVD requires the use of a Clinical Reformer. Please click here to view our reformer range.

This is Level 3 (intermediate) of the Athleting Conditioning on the Reofmer Series. Please also view the other levels of this series (click links to view products)


Footwork, Feet in Straps, Scissors, Midback Series, Back Rowing, Back Rowing with Maple Pole, Back Rowing on Platform Extender, Side Twist, Front Rowing, Long Box, Reverse Knee Stretches, Adductor Lunge, Single Thigh Stretch

WORKOUT 2: Footwork, Feet in Straps, Midback Series, Back Rowing Preps, Side Twist Kneeling, Long Box, Sprinter Start, Long Stretch/Push Up Combo, Shoulder Press, Elephant, Running, Hip Rolls, Hamstring Stretch

BONUS CLIPS: Reformer Features & Safety 2nd Edition

Bonus Features

  • Review the STOTT PILATES® Five Basic Principles
  • Choose to work out with or without instructor's voice
  • Preview another challenging title
  • View instructors' bios
  • Learn more about STOTT PILATES Equipment and Education