Aurorae Slip Free Rosin Bag (powder type)

Product Code: rtyApw

Aurorae Yoga Rosin Bag has been developed to aid in the prevention of Slipping on your Yoga mat.

Similar to gymnasts, tennis players and baseball pitchers, perspiration creates slipping

problems when a firm grip is necessary to maximize their performance.

It increases your gripping power and absorbs perspiration with the slight touch of the bag.

The Rosin should be applied to both your hands and feet before your practice and added as needed during your practice. Also put some on the mat itself where your hands and feet go for your downward dogs. Remove with a simple mat wash.

Please make sure you store your Yoga Rosin Bag in the Zip lock bag it comes with to increase it's life.

The Rosin material all derive from Nature. Most of the formula is from trees, plants and some rocks.

Works incredibly well with our Yoga Sport Sweat Towel to keep you from slipping on your mat. Sold separately.



$15.00 each  ($16.50 inc GST)

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