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Backless Metal Yoga Chairs

Product Code: rtyABBC

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Helps to increase flexibility & strength!
Three New Styles!



Helps to increase flexibility, strength and confidence!
The Backless Yoga Chair supports back arch, shoulder stand, plough and restorative poses and is a great help for those with joint problems to perform poses. Use it for viparita karani, refinement of the shoulder stand, to stretch your lower back, helping to relieve pain and for supported Supta Virasana. Use may help ease indigestion as well, opening and expanding the chest and rib cage increasing oxygen intake and improving circulation. Decompresses vertebrae and releases tension.

The backless yoga chair can be used either for assistance or in seating poses. Assistance with Tree poses like Vrksasana, balancing on one foot, Upward or Downward facing dog, with arms resting on the chair in a bent pose. The yoga backless chair can be used in seating poses but if it is hard to reach the floor, use with staff pose Dandasana or seated Wide Angle pose Upavistha Konasana with legs wide apart. Use the backless yoga chair to twist your body to give a stretch or forward bends. Can be used in conjunction with blocks. See below for more specifications about the yoga chair.

Always watch your fingers when folding and unfolding these chairs.
Always take care when positioning for balance.