Balance Pad / Shoulder Pad / Yoga Cushion

Product Code: rtyAfBal5P

Using a balance pad allows you to add a challenge to a squat, lunge and one or two legged balance movements. The non-slip feature provides durability and protection when exercising. It is also great as a Yoga Cushion for yoga shoulder stands, rehabilitation etc.

Group to pad, stack for seat or plow 

Another choice for padding under shoulders:
YOGA BLANKETS (click here)

Material close-up: 2 different ribbed sides for better grip

PVC    Blue    50cm x 40cm x 6.5cm        0.55 kg

$33.00/each ($36.30 inc GST)

Closed cell foam pad for balance and skill
training. Non-absorbent, sanitised and easy wipe clean. Strong - will not collapse. Used by physiotherapists for over ten years. 

Ideal for group exercises e.g.:         

  • Use for one or both legs
  • Knee strengthening
  • Back extensions
  • Crunches
  • Medicine ball throwing
  • Kinaesthetics and propioceptive training
  • YOGA Positive support in sitting series
  • YOGA SHOULDERSTANDS - wide enough so that only one is required.

Also available:

Cushion Cover in blue drill cotton with zipper

$10.00/each ($11.00 inc GST)




Some sample exercies:

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