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Fitness Ball Covers

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Suitable for use on a Fit Chair Material close up

Swiss Ball decorative and protective cover, zip to close.
Ensures the exercise ball is not as cold during the colder months and your legs won't stick to the ball during warmer months.
Best use for Fit Ball Chairs for better appearance.

Exercise ball needs to be blown up from inside the cover.
Care instructions: Machine wash delicate, do not iron.
Made from Polyester (Tetoron)

Size: 49cm
Zip: opens to 30cm

Available in Leopard Print

*Made in Taiwan

$8.00 ($8.80 inc GST)

Also Available:

Coloured Covers for Fitness Balls and Ball Chairs

Suitable for Swisse Balls up to 55cm

Only Available in Brown, Orange or Yellow

Colours are subject to availabilty.
Please specify below if you would like a particular colour, otherwise we will send a random colour

$5.00 each ($5.50 inc GST)