Portable & Adjustable Ballet Barre

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Adjustable & Portable Ballet Barre. Xtend your Barre practice at home.

Develop the flexibility and strength required for all levels of fitness

All athletes know the advantage of stretching before, during and after exercise. To keep your body flexible and long and to encourage muscle agility in a gentle way.
The Ballet Barre / Stretch Barre / Exercise Barre provides the same support as professional dancers demand an elegant but tough blend of Pilates and Ballet. This version is adjustable and fully portable and can be used anywhere.

This Health Mark Portable Ballet Barre is made for stretching, plie squats, pull ups etc. Xtend your barre up and down as suits. Features sturdy construction for strength exercises. Great for ligament and tendon stretch.Watch your body change quickly whilst you feel like a graceful dancer.

Collapses easily for handy transport. Easy wipe clean. 90 day warranty against manufacturing defects. Weight 20kg. Size 153 x 63 x 140. 150kg capacity.

  • Dual locking pop pins with internal safety bolts
  • Powder coated light guage steel and chrome on upward telescope
  • 38mm diameter holding bar 
  • 6 height adjustments from 80cm to 139cm for different body types
  • Length 150cm
  • 60cm wide base with 50mm heavy rubber supports.
Pricing Details:

Buy: 1 - 2        $483.00 each ($531.30 inc GST)

Buy: 3 - 4        $423.00 each ($465.30 inc GST)

Buy: 5 or more  $335.00 each ($368.50 inc GST)

"I am surprised and impressed at the quality of the units. The powder coating is excellent and they are much more stable than we expected"

 "This barre is great if you are looking to extend your technique at home. It has been very sturdy, perfect height (adjustable), and big enough to do everything you would want to for ballet barre exercises. I highly recommend this barre!" S. Hortico - Brisbane North

"Allows me to get stronger abs and back muscles, toned arms and lifted bottom amongst other delights" Susie G.


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