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Be the Boss of Your Thoughts - A Guide to Reduce Anxiety and Lower Stress in Kids

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 With the help of three funny friends, Be the Boss of Your Thoughts: A Guide for Anxious and Highly Stressed Kids introduces children, parents, and educators to the three levels of brain processing. 

Based on the idea that when children understand how their brain functions, they can begin changing their anxious thought patterns to healthier ones. This fun and engaging book shares a series of specific exercises to help children shift from the primitive 'dinosaur' areas, back up to the 'smart professor' thinking parts of their brain. 

With its delightful illustrations and clear step by step instructions to shift energy in the brain, this book is a wonderful resource to empower children to "Be the Boss of Their Thoughts".

  • For teachers and parents who would like to provide their children with effective tools. 
  • 10 Tools that kids can easily use
  • Soft Cover 40 page book - Size 8 inch x 8 inch

Jan Yordy's book addresses a shared concern that we have with the growing number of children experiencing high stress levels. "Be the Boss of Your Thoughts" should be read by children of all ages in homes and schools. Children will positively benefit from reading this book, as they will have an understanding of their behavious and learn stress-reductions techniques. 

This book simplifies complex brain processing concepts that are presented in a way that becomes eay to understand for children. This simple to follow techniques can be applies safely by children, who will experience immediate benefits! Empowering children to recognize their thought processes and how to release negative thinking, allows them to experience a more joyful life. 

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