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Black and White Motivational Yoga Posters

Product Code: rtyp/yl/bw

Laminated only

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$11.00 ($12.10 inc GST)
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Each poster is printed on high quality acid free 100# cover stock. If laminated, the thin, optically clear, high gloss, polyester lamination protects the posters, increases durability and makes it possible to clean them with a damp cloth. The lamination really brings out the contrast of these Black and White images.

Each poster has its on motivational sentence:

  • Peace: My path is one of harmony and tranquility.
  • Balance: I am one with my body. I am one with my mind.
  • Meditate: I am free from all desire.
  • Truth: Purity is born of virtue.

Measurements: 25cm x 20cm