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QFiber Infrared Heat Therapy - Wrist and Body Wrap

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available in a body wrap and wrist wrap



Q FIBER - High Performance Infrared Heat Therapy


Athletes on every level use this body wrap for treatment of shoulders, legs, arms, back, abdomen, knees, hips and more.
Qfiber provides safe infrared heat therapy anywhere and anytime you need it.

Body Wrap: $99.95 ($109.95 inc GST)

Qfiber is an advanced infrared heat therapy system used to restore health, relieve pain and rejuvenate muscles and joints. The multi-layer fabric technology releases infrared heat on contact, the same heat our bodies need from the sun to be healthy.

It's wearable therapy that goes where you go.

1) Patented Qfiber multi-layer fabric is fireproof, formfitting, and emits high levels of infrared therapy.
Material Content: 75% neoprene, 20% nylon (contains latex).

2) Fully adjustable contour wraps are comfortable and convenient, while staying secure and breathable for longer treatment sessions.

3) Heat therapy is a healthy means of improving your immune responses, increasing blood flow, and speeding up the metabolism. Proven benefits of infrared energy penetrate approximately 50mm into exhausted muscles and joints, much deeper than traditional heat therapy which only goes 3mm.

4) Detachable strap extensions (3) allow for full body coverage.

SPECIFICATIONS: Dimensions (mm) 500 x 175. Extensions (2) 380 x 100  Operating voltage 5VDC Power 9.5W. Weight: approx 500gm. Size One size fits most - up to 42" waist (1067 mm).
INCLUDES: Soft outer wrap, Patented QFiber Heating element, USB Adapter, Wall plug
Caution: Do not use in conjunction with external analgesics (may cause burns). Consult your physician prior to using if you're pregnant, have heart problems, epilepsy, sensitive skin or diabetes. Do not wear while sleeping. Keep out of reach of children.
Care: Clean soft outer wrap with a wet cloth or wash in cold water and air dry. Do not use liquids for cleaning the heating element. Do not machine wash.



Introducing a revolution in heat therapy


Qfiber is a high-tech therapeutic contoured body wrap that provides the user with safe infrared heat therapy in the car, home, office, computer using the USB adapter (included).

Athletes use Qfiber on every level for injury recuperation, circulatory improvement, and performance enhancement. Qfiber is also used by individuals looking for soothing relief from pain, muscle tension, stress, and more.

Infrared is the safest, most beneficial form of sunlight and the most naturally medicinal energy available in the world. Infrared energy to penetrates approximately 50mm into exhausted muscles. The result is an unmatched therapeutic advantage over any other form of heat therapy available. Most of all, it does not give off harmful Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF’s) like traditional electric heat products.

Qfiber is a patented medical grade fabric technology that can be incorporated into a wide range of products for therapeutic and performance enhancing purposes.

The therapeutic value achieved by using Qfiber is unmatched by traditional heat therapy technologies. Infrared therapy is effective for a wide range of conditions such as:

  • Arthritis
  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Soreness
  • Back Pain
  • Circulation
  • Leg Pain

The Qfiber versatile body wrap is equipped with a large piece of Qfiber fabric that effectively disperses therapeutic heat all around the treatment area.

The versatile wrap can be used to treat: knees, legs, elbows, arms, ankles, shoulders, and other applicable parts. It also includes an extra strap that can be attached so that it can be used to treat the lumbar, back, abdomen and hips.

The gentle soothing heat of the far infrared ray will go deep into your tissue to relax your back, joints and other large treatment areas. The versatile wrap is the perfect all around therapy wrap and is excellent for in the car, relaxing on the couch, working at your desk or on the go.

One size fits all, up to 42" (1067 mm) waist.

About Us

Qfiber was engineered with three things in mind: 1) SAFETY 2) SCIENCE 3) CONVENIENCE

Our engineers knew Qfiber could be used by anyone, but it was especially created with the everyday athlete in mind. The everyday athlete puts their body out there on the line, taking risks, sustaining blows, and doing what it takes to reach their own personal finish line. The aftermath often involves tenderness, soreness, tightness, fatigue, and/or pain. Qfiber accelerates recuperation, revitalizing your body and giving you the vigor to keep on playing. The QFiber Body Wrap is designed to emit a lower heat which evidently is more effective with IF heat. The settings range from 105F to 120F.

SAFETY   Qfiber has three safe temperature settings and an auto shut-off. Most of all, infrared is a 100% safe form of electric heat. Infrared not only does not give off harmful EMF waves, it actually counteracts them.

SCIENCE   Qfiber contains high tech far infrared carbon fiber fabric, as well as a layer that contains essential elements that are emitted into the body when heated. As explained in detail in the product information section, infrared provides an unmatched therapeutic advantage for recuperating injuries and fending off pain.

Power Supply is 4 way
Heating Element is Carbon Fiber - FLEXIBLE -
Low Price
Versatile - Cover most body parts with 1 wrap. No need to purchase multiple heat pads for each body part.

INSTRUCTIONS   Come in pack.

  • Controller
    • 60 Minute Automatic Off (take breaks after this time spending as long off as on)
    • 3 Variable Heat Settings
    • Easy One Button Control
    • 6½ Foot Cable Length
  • USB AC Adapter
    • Low Profile, Space Saving Design
    • LED Status Light
    • Input: 100-240v AC, 0.2A, 50/60Hz
    • Output: 5.0V DC, 2.0A, 10W
    • Australian wall outlet type.


The Qfiber wrist wrap is equipped with Qfiber Fabric covering the circumference of the wrist.
The wrist is ideal for use while at work typing on the computer to relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. The Qfiber wrist wrap is equipped with Qfiber Fabric covering the circumference of the wrist.
The wrist wrap is ideal for use while at work typing on the computer to relieve the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.One size fits all.
The Wrist Wrap is 10.5”(~ 27cm) in length and 3.5”(~ 9cm) in width.The Wrist Wrap can be used to treat both the wrist and ankle.Material composition is 75% neoprene, 20% nylon, 5% other

Wrist Wrap: $89.95 ($98.95 inc GST)