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Foot Stretcher Rocker

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Foot Stretch provides support for controlled stretching, increases flexibility, range of motion and performance - helping reduce the risk of injury. It is ideal for stretching or rehabilitating the calf muscles, ankles, and Achilles tendons.
  • Foot stretch is great for increasing your range of motion and flexibility.
  • Foot stretch is commonly used by professional athletes, coaches, physical therapists, fitness experts, doctors and trainers.
  • Measures 31cm in length x 16cm wide x 9cm high.

Only available in BLUE!
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Be aware of the following usage guidelines:

If you currently have any injury, consult your doctor or physiotherapist before using.

Do not use on wet or sloping surfaces, ice, gravel, loose stone or sand.

Never stretch a cold muscle. Warm up first with a short walk or jog.

Never stretch to the point of pain or bounce whilst stretching, as this will actually tighten the muscle rather than increasing it's flexibility.

A rubber soled shoe is recommended whilst using.

When in doubt about your physical ability, do not take risks. Consult a doctor or physiotherapist.

Use only in accordance with Manufacturer's instructions.