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Deluxe Steel Ball "Fit-Chair" (WITH back)

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Please select whether you want your chair to have arm rests or not. Back in Stock items can be ordered and will be supplied as soon as possible.

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FIT-BALL CHAIR / Balance Ball Chair / Gym Ball Chair - Stay Fit at Home or Office

Ergonomic Design that combines the benefits of ball therapy with the convenience of a stylish, solid durable metal chair base

 WHY Fit-Chair?


Negative sitting posture is the killer of health, your spine will become the biggest victim!

Are you sitting right???

Concerning health starting from "positive posture". More than 80% of people have experience lumbago and overall back pain before, mostly caused by negative sitting posture. This innovative Balance Ball Chair will help reduce stress and fatigue on the body as well as help prevent injury while maximizing the benefits of physical exercise and motion. The ball acts as a shock absorber and eases your body into an ergonomic position.

This The Balance Ball Chair model incorporates arm rests and promotes active sitting which helps to strengthen your abdominal muscles, the back and core trunk areas and therefore your posture. Helps reduce neck, back and shoulder pain and improve your posture whilst using your computer. You can also remove the balance ball and use it for exercises. Great for late night work and a conversation piece!

Back position is fixed, does not adjust.
Black Steel Ball Chair Base
Includes Hand Pump

Size: Ball 56cm x 56cm x 56cm when sat on. Back top is 82cm high

Weight: 12kgs

Option: WITH or WITHOUT arm rests

$169 each - with or without arms  ($185.90 inc GST)

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