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Downtown Betty Unisex Dhoti Pants

Product Code: rtycdb/dhoti

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These pants kick the pants off of track pants. Great for everything from lounging, yoga and pilates to doing your best dancer's pose! This soft blend of cotton with lycra is a hybrid line between streetwear and yoga wear ... from the yoga studio to sunset dinners on the beach.

Downtown Betty uses fabrics that are natural to start.  The majority of the blends will one day decompose, rather than take up room in our landfills.  Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. No matter what the specific blend is, it’s comfy, cozy, sexy.  Soft, flexible, breathable clothing for yogis, both men & women. Always a fresh, modern, earthy colour pallet.

All of our fabrics for this line are natural fibers that come in different blends: Cotton/ Lycra is comfy, cozy and sexy.  Our pieces are soft, flexible and breathable suited for both men and women. Always a Fresh, Modern, Earthy colour pallet, there are pieces to be worn on the mat & off the mat. 

Wash gentle hang or lay flat to dry. Made in Vancouver, Canada
Machine wash with non-toxic detergent & hang to dry.  It’s okay to occasionally throw your clothes in the dryer, but they will look better & last longer the more you keep them out of the dryer.
Tip: if you ever get an oil stain on your clothes, just dab a bit of dish soap before the next wash & it should take it out, no problem :)

Available in Thunder Cloud Grey (bottom right image)

$99.00 ($108.90 inc GST)

$49.50 ($54.45 inc. GST)

Downtown Betty Size Women's Australian Size Women's US Size Men's Waist Size (inches)
S/M 8-12 4-8 30-32