ACS10 - Drainage Mesh

Product Code: rtACS210

ACS10 is a strong drain through filter mesh


Using ACS10 drainage mesh ensures no mould stains or unpleasant smells from sitting in damp.
ACS10 is highly durable, made in Germany
ACS10 is easy cut with household scissors

Drain off and dry:
Home - Under wet dishes on the kitchen sink
Washing - Under wet jumpers laid flat, sleeping bags etc
Marine - around bilge pumps to prevent clogging
Inside / Outside - Under wet muddy shoes or snow boots
Wet area Lockers - Shelf Lining - Under wet ropes, wet ice coolers etc
Plumbers - Over drain holes to prevent clogging, gutter guards
Fans - Keep moths from being sucked in in domestic or industrial inlets.

Air Circulation - Ventilated Seat Pad Mesh - No more sweaty backs!!
Recumbent Bicycles, Cars, Boats, Canoes, Back packs,

Will not rot or be affected with mildew!

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