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Dynamic Duo Balance & Stability Trainers

Product Code: rtyAfba/op/dynamicduo/1.2P/1.4C

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$65.00 ($71.50 inc GST)



The OPTP Balance Trainers tilt, pivot and rotate offering a truly dynamic challenge in all planes of motion.

These trainers can be used individually or in tandom for balance training and conditioning, as well as rehabilitative movements. Also ideal for stretching and strengthening your feet and ankles - these items can be used in a seated or standing position.

  • Helps to improve strength, flexibility and coordination

  • Promotes functional movement in the feet & ankles

  • Ideal for physical therapy, training, conditioning and mind-body exercise

  • Slip-resistant bases allow use on most surfaces

  • Manual with exercises included in box

  • Sold as a pair