Elastiband Exerciser

Product Code: rtYAT/EB/Gray/2x34/.1kg

This elastic band is 2" (5cm) wide and fits around your ankles, lower legs and upper legs to allow you to effectively train your leg and hip muscles. The band is 34" (86cm) long which makes it suitable for a variation of different exercises. On the band itself, several sample exercises are displayed constantly reminding you of great ways to get in shape. Training with the elastic band is very smooth and easy on joints and bones, yet tones muscles quick and effectively.

Product Size:
Width: 2" (5cm)
Length: 34" (86cm)
Thickness: 1.5mm (x2)

Available in Grey only (as shown above)

1-9  Bands $4.00 each ($4.40 inc GST)
10+ Bands
$3.00 each ($3.30 inc GST)

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