Exercise Ball "Fit-Chair" (NO Back)

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FIT-BALL CHAIR / Balance Ball Chair / Gym Ball Chair - Stay Fit at Home or Office 

Price from $69 per chair - depending on ordered quantities

 WHY Fit-Chair?


Negative sitting posture is the killer of health, your spine will become the biggest victim!

Are you sitting right???

Concerning health starting from "positive posture". More than 80% of people have experienced lumbago and overall back pain before, mostly caused by negative sitting posture. This innovative Balance Ball Chair will help reduce stress fatigue on the body as well as help prevent injury while maximizing the benefits of physical exercise and motion. The ball acts as a shock absorber and eases your body into an ergonomic position.

The Balance Ball Chair is  n alternative to the traditional chair for both office and leisure.
Strengthens back and core muscles (abdominal & trunk) and helps improve spinal alignment whilst promoting active sitting.


  • Removable anti-burst 55cm Balance Fitness Ball
  • Adjustable steel support bar to keep the ball in position whilst you work (ball continually flexes together with your pressure and movements)
  • Handpump

Features & Benefits:

  • Base is extra wide with deep inset
  • Easy-glide lockable casters, an air pump and a desktop guide to get you going
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Use for rehabilitation, medical, home or office
  • Weight 9kg
  • Minor assembly required
  • As it has no back it requires more work to maintain your pose.
  • Colour: Grey or Black
  • Designed for people 150cm - 180cm tall.
  • Weight limit: 130kgs
  • Approximate height of chair from floor to top of ball is 71cm
  • Option Height Adjusters - click here

Pricing Details:
"Hello, I was in there yesterday and bought a Jade yoga mat and a FitBall Chairoh I'm in bliss! The chair is perfect for me - keeps me comfortably in a nice relaxed upright posture.  The mat is just right - I did a yoga class this morning and it was perfect. So just wanted to say thank you for looking after me and for having such great products availableI'll be back to get a yoga mat for David next time I'm conducting a service, thanks and kind regards Carmen"

Type Ordered Quantity Price
Backless Balance Ball Fit-Chair
including Ball Pump & DVD
1 $99.00 each ($108.90 inc GST)
2 or more $69.00 each ($75.90 inc GST)
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