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Eye Pillows

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from $10.90. Perfect for deep relaxation and meditation. Eye Pillows quiet your mind and relax your body.



Royal Purple

Bottle Green

Well documented over the years, it has been proven that placing an eyebag over your eyes helps promote relaxation. Eye movements and your mind seem to slow down. Some people place their eye bag in a clear freezer type bag in the freezer as they love the cool feel wrapped around their forehead and temples, particularly on a hot summers day.

Product Features:  Deluxe Eye Pillows

  • Filled with organic linseed and lavender flowers to help relieve stress and headaches.
  • Eye Bags are ideal to relieve tension around the eye and brow.
  • Helps relieve stress and headaches.
  • Silk satin liner filled with organic linseed and lavender flowers.
  • Washable silk satin cover (sold separately).
Colours: Royal Purple, Bottle Green


  Eye Pillow (filled) :  100mm x 200mm   $10.90 ($11.99 inc GST)
  Washable silk satin cover:   $10.50 ($11.55 inc GST)