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Frog Yoga Colouring Book

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Colour and Move with the

Frog Yoga Alphabet Colouring Book

These A - Z colouring poses are for young and old. The more kids match the poses to letter and worse, the more they're inspired to learn their ABC's. The phonetic alphabet helps sound out letters for early learners.

Older children find the Frog Yoga Alphabet adds a healthy twist to word games, spelling activities and storytelling.

With 216 BIG pictures the Frog Yoga Alphabet Colouring Book is a great tool for classrooms, living rooms, and yoga studios anywhere.

"The frog illustrations are an immediate attractor factor. The good, clean design is instrinsic to learning."
- Janet Williams
Yoga Teacher (E-RYT), Certified Primary / Junior School Teacher, Author of What I See, I Can Be, A Guided Yoga Flow for Children