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Peel off Protection Film - $50 for 9.2m x 53cm x 0.2mm



Strong, self-adhering, slip resistant, tear and puncture proof PE Film Carpet Protector will shield your carpet from injury so it will last longer. Run it out whilst painting or for other mess making projects around your home. Made for temporary use.

** For longer term, or woollen carpets we suggest FLOORLINER

Protect Carpeted High Traffic Areas

  • Specially designed PE Film, one side self adhering, used to protect floors, windows and carpet.
  • Strong, slip resistant, tear and puncture proof. PE Film is suited for short term application.
  • For hard floors and all types of synthetic carpet. Glued carpets (uncommon) must be cured first. NOT for wool carpet. If in doubt, please call.
  • Great for dirty shoes after gardening, painting or building. Holds up to tradesmen boots - then peel up and throw it away.
  • Lies flat and resists bunching as well.
  • Stairs - Ideal in front of, up and over stair, conforms to all shapes.
  • Keeps grout  clean
  • Eliminates scratches on windows from paint spray, mortar or stucco.
  • Versatile - Cuts to shape around anything.
  • Boats, caravans - Protects carpet from wet feet or spilled   coffee stains.

Rolls:  9.2m x 53cm x .2mm thick in handy box (like food wrap), clear   $50.00
           ($55.00 inc GST)

Below are some of the uses of PE Film:

Paint Masking
To protect floor or carpet at the same time.
Glass Window Protection
To protect windows when plastering or painting.

Hallway Floor Protection
Ideal floor protection after gardening, building, renovation or painting.
Short Time Room Curtaining
Ideal when large areas need protection.