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Inflatable Neck Brace Pillow

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Light weight and easy to use.
Comfortable and non-threatening.
Adjustable universal size for all men and women.
It's most suitable for people who spend long time on the computers, travelling or at an office desk.

This comfortable and easy to use neck cervical traction device elongates neck muscles, often resulting in rapid and prolonged relief from the soreness and neck stiffness.
Slowly increase pressure in order to enhance the effect of traction Inflation should be gradual and not excessive.
During the use of airbags, avoid contact with hard objects. Don't let the product close to high-temperature heat

How to use it?
1. Tight the air valve first.
2. Push the blocker to the large end of blocker holder.
3. Simply place the air Neck Traction device around your neck, use the inflation pump to slowly raise the pressure to a comfortable stretch, then push the blocker to the small end of blocker holder.
4. At the beginning use it with low pressure for 5-10 minutes, and within a few days feel a positive body response,gradually  increase to up to 20 to 25 minutes.
5. When finished using, push the blocker to the large end of the blocker holder and loose the air valve, should be released slowly.

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