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Yogacise Inversion Headstand Stool Exercise Bench

Product Code: rtYAHSD/10P/20kg

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Headstand Stool with Power Cords.
Feet and Legs Up, Head Down Trainer.
Compactable, Easy Store. From $210



Yogacise with Power Cords
Inversion Headstanders - 3-In-1 Yoga and Exercise Bench

This three-in-one yogaprop can be used for headstands, as a higher meditation seat, a portable weight-training bench for dips, push-ups and barbell/dumbbell sets. Great for Feet and Legs up and head down trainer.

It comes with two adjustable tension straps to use as a resistance exercise bench for Upper Body Chest, Arm and Shoulder Training.

It acts as a Yoga Aid for Seated Yoga Positions for improving posture and flexibility as well as a Body Weight Exercise Bench for performing Push-ups and Tricep Dips while maintaining the wrists in a safe supine position.

It's ample padding supports a headstand relieving vertebrae and disk compression while increasing circulation; it's sturdy handles help you maintain your balance. Helps invert without the risk of slipping or tipping over.

There are many benefits said to come from headstand poses, relief from colds, rejuvenation of the brain cells etc. Our Yogacise Headstander frame is the most safe way to do a headstand. Your head and neck are released without injury or strain.

gets you upside down safely and easily! Relieves pressureon your neck, spine and shoulders.

Yogacise Headstander Inversion Frame Deluxe(more pictures below)

            $210.00 each  ($231.00 inc GST)

    • Yogacise gets you upside down safely and easily!
    • Safe lift in yoga pose
    • Allows full release of the neck and head whilst inverted.
    • Use Headstander in comfort with confidence
    • Relieves pressure on head and neck
    • Requires no specific strength or balance
    • Helps release tension and headaches disappear
    • Easy to carry
    • Ideal for home or studio use
    • Most beneficial against a wall
    • Sturdy metal frame and washable amply padded out vinyl cover
    • Seek professional advice for any medical condition
    • Includes instructions 
    • Keeps head 75mm off the floor
    • Fits 40cm and wider shoulders. Weight limit 135kgs.
    • Head area - 23cm Wide | 28cm Long
    • Adjustable in 2 stages 
    • Use Yoga Lift as comfortable off-the-floor meditation cushion. 
    • Collapsible for easy carry and storeage (straps included)
    • Multi-task - For push ups, dips, curls etc



    "I am in real need of your equipment as I have nerve damage in my neck, is there any way you can help?"
    Kind Regards,Domenic"

    "I ordered four of these for my yoga studio. We have students who are unable to do headstands and your headstander allows them to get upside down without worry of injury. Very nice product and we are taking orders for more" Foote Street Practice