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IYT Chakra Poster

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The Seven Chakras, poster is a vibrant depiciton of these important energy centers accompanied by their Sanskrit names, bij mantras, earth elements, main areas influenced and more.

Integrative Yoga Therapy (IYT) is a broad view of yoga and its potential to create healthful states in its practitioners. According to IYT, through right knowledge of the Koshas, the importance of all 8 limbs of yoga, the use of yoga therapy as spiritual healing, understanding the Kleshas and the stresses they create, yoga therapists and yoga practitioners can create states of unparalleled wellness.

This sturdy laminated poster is 38cm x 55cm. Companion posters are: IYT Sun Salute.

$18.00  ($19.80 inc GST)

$9.00 ($9.90 inc GST)