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Jump Board

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The jump board is spring loaded, the same as a standard reformer is, with various spring tension settings. Fitted to both the Clinical Reformer and Fitness Reformer, the jump board allows for balance, standing and plyometrics work to be performed.

The large non-slip surface provides stability and minimises hazards.

The jump board can either be used flat - for exercises such as:

  • Standing lunges
  • Hip AB/Adduction in standing
  • 4 point kneeling exercises
  • Lower back extension stretches
  • Standing balance work
  • Calf and hamstring stretching
  • Plyometric work - mostly lunges

The board can then be flipped to vertical, and used as a landing, for supine exercises (on back)

Exercises with the jump board vertically include:

  • Landing practice (for dancers / netball / basketballers)
  • Various hip exercises - to improve ROM and strength of legs - such as squats, jumps, hops
  • Calf strength work
  • Various calf stretching exercises

For good Demo's - look at Youtube - and search for jump board pilates, for further exercises.

 Length: 59cm; Width: 50cm; Weight: 7kg

Price: $338 ($371.80 inc GST)