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Keeping Fit in Your 50s - Flexibility

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Muscles tighten in your 50s, inhibiting the full range of motion and making a regular flexibility programme more important that ever to improve posture, prevent injury and relieve stres. This fact-filled flexibility guide and workout is uniquely designed to address your changing body's needs and to inspire you to get in the best shape of your life.

A complete flexibility workout and much more!

  • Insights into the importance of flexibility training in your 50s
  • Exercise tips for acheiving maximum results
  • 40-minute routine
  • Introductory Pilates and yoga workouts
  • Keeping Fit Fundamentals: Q&A session with medical experts Lisa Callahan, M.D., author of The Fitness Factor ; and Lillie Shockney, R.N., author of Breast Cancer Survivor's Club


$24.95 ($27.45 inc. GST)

$9.909($10.00 inc GST)

Boxset with 3 DVDs including Strength, Flexibilty and Endurance also available! Click here to order now for $44.99.