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YOGA SWING - Kids Hammock

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The Swings design is identical in every way to the original Standard Yoga Swing, yet two thirds of the size. Made from the same great, strong nylon silk material. The kids swing also converts to a kids hammock. Great for camping or backyeard sleepovers. Hammock size is 2 metres in length and 70cm wide. Colours vary.

Same quality so it will hold the same weight as the adult swing, only the hammock and handles are shorter. It will hold up to 150kgs easily.

We think that with an adult swing then everyone in the family can use it (we have had reports of kids that were 2 and 3 when they used it). In case you are set on a kids swing though, we would say up to 5 years, then put the kids in a full size one.
   $99.00 ($108.90 inc. GST)


Videos using the Yoga Swing

More Videos using the Yoga Swing:


Additional Information on the Gravo Tonics swing:


Yoga Swing Instruction Manual

This instruction manual is an overview and introduction to the use of the Gravotronics Yoga Swing and contains all the essential information required for the user to make full use of the swing. It includes step-by-step instructions and photos for the use of the Yoga Swing in Yoga Asanas.

It is an instruction manual directed at those who have previous yoga asana knowledge and is a guide to the use of the swing in yoga practice.

This 30 page Manual includes sections on:

  • Use of the Yoga Swing
  • Inversion
  • Inversion Safety Precautions
  • How to invert
  • Asanas in the Swing
  • Backbends
  • Abdominals
  • Inverted Poses
  • Floor Poses
  • Forward Bends
  • Practices for Medical Conditions

This Manual details the use of the Yoga Swing as a prop to improve direction, perception, depth, duration and alignment in Asanas.

Download here


Yoga Swing Exercise Video

This video compilation is an overview and introduction to the use of the Gravotronics Swing as a fitness tool and instructs on how to exercise using resistance techniques. It contains the essential information required for the user to make use of the Swing in this new and exciting way.

It includes 18 step-by-step exercise videos along with verbal instructions for the use of the Gravotronics Fitness Swing. This 20 minute video will show you how to train different body parts by using your own body weight. It also includess a guide on how to use the Fitness Swing for Inversion Therapy.

The Fitness Swing is perfect for beginners through to experts. A low-impact 20 to 30 minute workout per day rovides excellent exercise and metabolic benefits and can be scaled in intensity to match your fitness level. The workout's convenience and simplicity is unrivaled and its effectiveness can be felt with the first routine.

Download here


Yoga Swing Pillow

Need some extra comfort and support? Try the yoga swing pillow, with cotton drill cover and cotton stuffing.

Size is 19cm wide by 165cm long. Available in black only.









$29.00 ($31.90 inc. GST)