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fast and clean method for temporary and removable laying carpet or wood flooring



Landocol (EMP is sole Australian Landolt Agent) is used for the temporary fixing of floor coverings. It is popular with exhibition contractors and event organisers for holding temporary floor coverings in place over an exisitng floor covering. Landocol will hold the floor covering in place but can be easily removed and should not leave residues on the original floor covering.

- the fast and clean method for temporary and removable laying of carpet or wood flooring, no equipment needed to lay. Landocol is Nonwoven for laying textile floor coverings, with adhesive on both sides. Therefore, you can lay textile floor coverings quickly and odourlessly without glue. Great for exhibitions!


  • On hard coverings such as lino and parquet floors (which are no longer used in their original state), and on timber, concrete, needle felt and non-porous stone floors.
  • Carpets adhere as if glued and are wheelchair resistant (subject to a suitable top material)
  • Ideal for heated floors
  • Enhances walking comfort
  • Improves step sound absorption (9dB according to DIN 4102)
  • Free of plasticizer, is non-ageing and non-rotting
  • Carpets or wooden floors remain easily removable

NOT SUITABLE for long time laying on floors with a high plasticizer content such as e.g. PVC and porous stone floors (marble, clay tiles, etc.)


  • The base floors must be free of dust, wax and grease
  • To be laid at room temperature if possible
  • Best grip if porous substrates and particle boards are primed
  • Additionally, fix seams with double-sided adhesive tape or weld with suitable making-up tape.

Depending on the duration and the load applied while laying a floor cover with LANDOCOL, no residue of adhesive should remain on the substrate or the old utility cover, the adhesive is water soluble and non agressive. Any residue can be easily cleaned off with warm soapy water, or with supermarket goods - white spirits or home drycleaning fluid.

Unit weight: approx. 180 g/m²
Density: (p) 71.0 kg/cub mtr
Thickness: approx. 2.3 mm
Heat conductibility λ: approx. 0.038 W/m·K
Thermal resistance R: approx. 0.053 m²·K/W
Air permeability acc. to SNV 198561: 1,710 ltr./sqm.sec
Shampooing over is fine, if it is done properly.

Delivery form: Rolls of
Length: 27.8 m
Width: 60, 80, 90, 120, 180cm
Diameter approx.: 27 cm

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** As the working conditions and the multitude of different materials are outside our influence, no legal claim can be derived from the information provided by us. We recommend to carry out adequate own testing.

The recommendations made by the producers of the covering should be adhered to.

Pricing & Sizing Details:

Width Price
60cm $12.00 per metre ($13.20 inc GST)
80cm $16.00 per metre ($17.60 inc GST)
90cm $18.00 per metre ($19.80 inc GST)
120cm $24.00 per metre ($26.40 inc GST)
180cm $36.00 per metre ($39.60 inc GST)

Wholesale full rolls of 27.8mtrs length: Widths cm: 60, 80, 90, 120, 180 (Please enquire as to best price on full rolls)


Between the first run of the steam driven "Adler" in December 1935 and testing the Intercity Experimental (planned top speed 350km/h) lie a century and a half of German railway history, paid tribute to by an anniversary exhibition in the city in which everything started, Nuernberg, Germany.

However before the organisers were able to open their exhibition and information programme, which centered around many different themes and which after opening on the 15th of May 1985 was scheduled to run for a period of three months, the workers were given the task of transforming a large factory bay of the former Tafel Iron Works into a visually attractive exhibition pavilion.

Because of the high stress conditions, the floor had to be designed to stand up to several criteria; the covering naturally had to be decorative, but also safe, extremely durable, and in addition, as easy as possible to install on the approx six thousand square metres of industrial asphalt, and then removable again after the exhibition. A velvet grade (100% polyamide) with a special backing (backing fabric with light Latex foam coating) from the in-house collection of the company which was awarded the carpet laying contract, Teppichboden-Service Latzel, Essen, Germany was selected.

As the carpet underlay, Multicol, an approx 2.5mm thick polyester material with a non-aggressive adhesive coating on both sides (weight approx 150g/sqm) was used.

After appropriate preparation of the laying surface with a dispersion primer, the Multicol was laid in runs edge to edge without double cutting and rolling down. Then the foil was peeled off and the carpet was rolled out perpendicular to the Multicol runs. Only at very critical locations were the seams additionally affixed with double-sided adhesive tape as a precautionary measure because for the other seamed areas the adhesive action of the matting was fully adequate.

The laying proceeded , rolling down the carpet on top, - in the words of the carpet layer - 'very swiftly'.

The exhibition drew about half a million visitors. The floor covering secured with Multicol carried all of them with ease.