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Little Flower Yoga for Kids

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Wouldn't it be great if your child could exercise, have fun, and build concentration skills all at the same time?

Yoga has long been recognized as a healthy way to relieve stress and improve wellness, but did you know that it also helps increase focus? Little Flower Yoga for Kids offers parents and children a unique program combining yoga and mindfulness in an easy-to-read format. With this guide, children will learn gentle yoga practices to help them pay better attention and balance their emotions, all while building physical strength and flexibility.

Developed by teacher and certified yoga instructor Jennifer Cohen Harper for use in New York City schools, The Little Flower Yoga program is based on five key components to help kids: connect, breathe, move, focus, and relax. Evidence shows that yoga is a powerful tool for helping kids build healthy, happy lives - so why not get your child started today?

"This book is infused with joy! Every page offers wisdom and essential skills with a delightful, gentle playfulness." - Amy Saltzmann, MD.

$29.70 ($32.67 inc. GST)