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LIVINGROOM YOGA - Strengthen & Lengthen

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Living Room Yoga DVD - Strengthen & Lengthen

Starring: Eva Barash

Running Time: 98 minutes

Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0

Languages: English

Year: 2007


Have you ever come home and just not wanted to go to the gym? If so, this workout is for you. Based on Iyengar's principals of alignment, this workout includes movement (vinyasa), breathing exercises (pranayama) and yoga calisthetics to help strengthen the body and mind.

What is it?

A refreshing, 45-minute Yoga routine, plus extra instruction and a bonus "living room" workout. Eva Barash instructs.


Who is it for?

Advanced beginning to intermediate Yoga enthusiasts. Barash expects you to know what you're doing. That said, you can always refer to the "library" section, where there are detailed instructions for many of the poses. You will need the usual mat, plus a pair of blocks (unless you are very flexible and good at balance), and (optional) a blanket).\


What to expect:

This down-to-earth Yoga routine doesn't draw inspiration from faraway tropical backdrops or desert scenery. Instead, it relies on cozy, living room comfort and the pleasant presence of instructor Eva Barash. While chatty at times, Barash is never intrusive, and she keeps her instruction simple during the workout. The routine itself veers a little bit from the norm, starting off with a warm-up consisting of poses such as Locust and Downward Facing Dog before going on to traditional Sun Salutations and standing poses, which include a few slightly more advanced poses such as Half Moon and Dancing Shiva. It ends with just a few floor stretches and some core work before finishing off with Shavasana. If you feel you need more instruction (or if you just want a refresher), there's an excellent, nearly half-hour segment in which Barash breaks down the moves for you. There's also a 12-minute bonus routine, in which Barash leads you through gentle, Yogic stretches that you can do with just your couch and coffee table - something you can do when you get home from work and kick off your shoes. This is a pleasant DVD for anyone with a bit of Yoga practice.


Who is Eva Barash?

The Living Room Yoga series is conceived and taught by Eva Barash. Eva created Living Room Yoga in 2000 and has since brought energy and life to her students' bodies, minds, and homes. Eva trained intensively at the Sivananda Ashram in India, earning certificates in both basic and advanced teacher training. Later, in the U.S., she completed a year of alignment-based training and is also certified to teach prenatal and post partum yoga, restorative yoga, and yoga for kids. Additionally, Eva has worked as a doula, supporting women through childbirth.