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Maha Sadhana - The Great Practice - Level 2

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The Maha Sadhana DVDs are the first professional instructional videos ever presented by Sri Dharma Mittra, famous for his Master Yoga Chart of 908 Posture, which is seen on the walls of many prominent yoga studios throughout the United States and overseas. Sri Dharma is sometimes called "the teacher's teacher", and has introduced tens of thousands of students to the practice of yoga since he began teaching in 1967.

In this DVD, Dharma presents Level II of his remarkable teachings, an approach to yoga respecting the great foundations of this ancient practice; asana pranayama, meditation, ethical rules, and spiritual study. The DVD includes instruction and guided practices for asana, pranayama and meditation, as well as exlcusive discourses by Dharma on the spiritual journey.

Maha Sadhana Level II Contains two unique special features: a blissful 20-minute kirtan performance by Dharma and the story of his famous poster.

Dharma's love radiates through every practice on this disc - let it guide you to the true transformational power of the path of yoga.

Highlights from the DVD include:

  • 4 hours of rich, in-depth material covering all limbs of yoga practice

  • All material suitable for able-bodied experienced yoga students

  • Intermediate Asana Practice - adjustable from 53 to 64 minutes

  • Advanced Intermediate Asana Practice - adjustable from 46 to 82 minutes

  • Guided pranayama and meditation practices

  • Spiritual Discourse - advice for following the spiritual path

  • Dharma's Asana Workshop - tips and tricks for poses

  • Special features: 21 minutes of kirtan, plus The Story of the Famous Poster