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Traditional Mala Beads and Rudraksha

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$19.00 each ($20.90 inc GST)
$15.00 each ($16.50 inc GST)



A full string of mala beads consists of 108 (mantra) beads plus one extra, the guru (teacher) bead that has the tassel.

Tradition has it that you start meditating thinking of this teacher bead and  move to each next bead with controlled breathing in and out. Often you can count your own mantras to help you relax until you reach 108 and stop at the master guru bead. 

These malas feature a mixture of traditional Rudraksha Beads and beautiful, decorative beads. Also these pretty malas have different coloured tassles (see pictures below)

  • Mala designs are either with or without beads
  • Please keep in mind that our malas are individually handcrafted and may vary slightly to each other.