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Manduka UpHold Recycled Foam Blocks

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Manduka’s Recycled Foam Yoga Block is the first among equals – consisting of over 50% recycled EVA foam, this lightweight yoga block provides unbeatable comfort, style and support.

  • Lightweight (approx. 400g)

  • 22xm x 15cm x 10cm

  • Contains between 50% - 75% recycled post-industrial & post-consumer EVA foam

  • Radius edges for comfort and beauty

  • High density, extreme durability, firm support

  • Soft, comfortable grip that is also slip resistant

Manduka's Recycled Foam Yoga Block is first among equals, it redefines the quality and recycled content standards for all foam blocks. Between 50% to 75% of each block is guaranteed to contain a mixture of postindustrial and post-consumer recycled EVA foam without compromising durability or performance.