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Manduka - womens - Libertine Bralette

Product Code: rtycm/libbra

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ON SALE $50.00 PLUS GST ($55.00)
available in 4 colours



Libertine for all! This bralette features a longer silhouette and peek-a-boo back for the ultimate freedom of movement. A fully-constructed inner bra and under-bust-band keep everything secure for a distraction-free practice.

  • 65% Recyled Polyester, 22% Polyester, 13% Spandex, GRS certified
  • Full bra with removable cookies
  • Strap configuration adds additional support
  • Ultra-soft interior
  • Four-way stretch

We recommend caring for your garments by washing & drying in low temperatures as much as possible in order to prolong their useful life and also conserve the earth’s energy. Always avoid using fabric softeners – they can inhibit wicking & breathability in performance fabrics. We never recommend dry cleaning.

All Manduka's apparel is designed to support both your practice and the planet. They’ve made mindful choices about the fibres they use, how they dye them and the processes by which they all come together. Manduka use fabrics either made from recycled polyester, organic cotton and plant-based material because they are kinder to the earth and comforting to your body.

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