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Made with natural oils and extracts, Stirlen ChiMat Cleanser offers the versatility you need and the natural scent you enjoy for an experience of ananda (harmony and bliss). Whether your mat needs only a daily cleansing or something more thorough, Stirlen ChiMat Cleanser is the biodegradable, nontoxic and completely natural choice of prasada (clarity and grace).

Daily cleaning - lightly spray a wet cloth and rub over mat to clean surface. Wipe it down with a clean cloth and air dry.

Water, proprietary blend of coconut surfactants, citrus oil derived from orange and potassium sorbate.

240 ml bottle - citrus            $15.50   ($17.05 inc GST

Also available: 475ml refillable spray bottles   $8.00   ($8.80 inc GST)


We love the Stirlen Chi Yoga Mat Cleanser, we use it to clean all of our studio's mats.
Kamiko- Jivamukti Yoga Center

We love the Cleanser because it's environmentally safe and my students like the fact that there is no lasting scent. We wash our studio's mats once a month with the mat wash, a little of the wash goes a long way. Thanks!
Annie Fallon -- Annies Yoga & Fitness Studio

"The mat wash was great! It was simple, easy and effective!"
Kevin Halstead

"The cleanser is great- I use it to clean my mat before every practice- it really helps to keep my mat fresh!"
Chris Hehir

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