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JO-SHA INDIVIDUAL WIPE PACKETS - 1 (up to 9) free if ordered with mats.

Two types! Individually wrapped and NEW pack of 50 available!

Originally developed as a natural way to clean yoga mats, Jo-Sha Wipes have gained popularity at hotels, spas, and with anyone looking for a quick and soothing way to freshen up. From cleaning hands and feet to fitness equipment, they cleanse and naturally disinfect while the subtle aromatherapy soothes the senses. Our unique essential oil formulation is very effective, gentle and refreshing.

Our wipes are made with a high quality, soft towelette that is biodegradable. The outer packaging is 100% recyclable.
Our all-natural formulation is very gentle, unique and effective. Free of alcohol and harsh chemicals, the pure essential oils we use are naturally anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and astringent. Essential oils are organic "essence" derived from plants, bark, flower, fruit, leaves, and roots. They deliver positive benefits to the body through smell or by direct absorption into the skin. Benefits of essential oils include soothing, calming, stimulating, refreshing, centering, and warming the system.

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You are not able to specify a particular scent with your order - you will recieve any of the 4 scents listed above depending on their availability!
Eucalyptus Promotes mental clarity, and to cleanse negative energies caused by physical or emotional distress.
Peppermint Invigorate the mind and awaken dull senses.
Tangerine Create an uplifting inner atmosphere of joy and to ease mental burdens
Lavender Restores balance and evokes a sense of calm and relaxation



Ordered Quantity Price 
Buy 1 - 5 wipes $2.00 each ($2.20 inc GST)
Buy 6 - 9 wipes  $1.00 each  ($1.10 inc GST)
Buy 10 - 19 wipes $0.80 each ($0.88 inc GST)
Buy 20 or more wipes $0.60 each ($0.66 inc GST)
(maximum discount)

Prices before GST and freight if applicable. 

FREE - 1 free per each mat ordered, maximum 9
For Example: 1 mat will be 1 wipe, 9 mats ordered will be 9 wipes, that is limit. 10 mats or more ordered will only be 9 as well. We select the scents. They do not come without ordering them below.
Offer valid per shipment. You cannot reorder same day or backdate. Must be ordered at same time, we will not send later at our cost.
To receive the free wipes you must order them as below in the drop down price...

NEW Jo-Sha 50 pack wipes

Ideal gift for a stocking stuffer
Cleans equipment with natural sufectants
Scented with either lavender or tea-tree oil

Contains 50 scented wipes
Sticker-top dispenser can easily be resealed
Naturally cleans without alcohol or bleach
Use to clean mat, props, feet, & hands
Mat will maintain its sticky, no-slip surface

Tea Tree Infused

Use Tea Tree to naturally cleanse and heal, and to refresh a tired body and soul.


Use Lavender to restore balance and evoke a sense of calm and relaxation.


Ordered Quantity Infusions Price 
Buy 1 - 9 packs Tea Tree
$25.00 each ($27.50 inc GST)
Buy 10 + packs Tea Tree
$20.00 each  ($22.00 inc GST)

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