Medicine Ball

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Prices from $20 - depending on selected weight (see weight and pricing details below)

Medicine Balls are often used for rehabilitation and strength training, it serves an important role in the field of sports medicine. They are a great way to build arm strength and endurance. It should not be confused with the larger, inflated Swiss ball

Tossing, catching, lifting and pressing exercises are all fun, yet functional.

How to pick the right ball:

1 - 3 kg: Beginner - Fitness Classes - One handed Exercise

4 - 6 kg: Intermediate - Advanced Class - Two-Hand Throws, Passing Exercises

7 - 9 kg: Advanced - Two-Hand Throws - Passing & Strength

10 - 15 kg: Strength Exercises - Total Body Throws


Medicine Ball Weight & Price Details:

Weight Diameter Colour Price
1.0kg 195mm Blue $20.00 ($22.00 inc GST)
2.0kg 195mm Yellow  $25.00 ($27.50 inc GST)
3.0kg 228mm Green $30.00 ($33.00 inc GST)
4.0kg 228mm Red $35.00 ($38.50 inc GST)
5.0kg 275mm Black $40.00 ($44.00 inc GST)
6.0kg 275mm Green $45.00 ($49.50 inc GST)
7.0kg 275mm Purple $53.00 ($58.30 inc GST)
8.0kg 275mm Black $60.00 ($66.00 inc GST)

For Medicine Balls with rope CLICK HERE!

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