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Microsuede Yoga Bolsters

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$77.00 ($84.70 inc GST)



A Yoga Bolster can be a crucial instrument when it comes to making the most out of your practice.
Many people use bolsters for a variety of reasons. Not everyone is the same when it comes to yoga so it helps to have a prop that can cover many areas. They can help to increase your flexibility in the most gentle of ways and can support you in poses that are new to you or you find challenging.

Our new microsuede bolsters come stuffed with foam and polyester fibre combination (as opposed to all of our other bolsters which are stuff with cotton). This enables them to be less than half the weight of a cotton stuffed bolster but gives a luxurious support. That combined with the carry handle makes them an easy and portable choice if going to and from the studio.

The cover touch is is a soft and plush, absorbent microsuede fabric together helps you keep dry.
Concealed zipper keeps your comfortable and makes the cover removable for cleaning when needed.

Only available in Black

When placing an order for a large quantity of Bolsters, please note that it may take up to 10 days to have your order fillled and sent out.

If you live locally you are more than welcome to come and collect these from our store, but please call us on (03) 9500 1819 first to check availability for bulk orders.

***Please be aware that foam-filled bolsters are a much softer, much more compressible support when compared to a cotton-filled yoga bolster. A cotton bolster will provide more height as they are a more dense support.