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Multi-Positioning Tower w/ 2 Single Foot Pads

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Since TherapyZone designed and introduced the Multi-Positioning Tower in March of 2005, it has become an important piece of equipment in posture and alignment clinics worldwide, and in the homes of tens of thousands of satisfied clients.

Formerly sold by us as Egoscue, this Tower is constructed of solid wood, is pre-assembled and includes 2 Foot Pads. Having 2 individual Foot Pads to use is very important, this allows you to attach one to each foot prior to laying down to use the Multi-Positioning Tower. With both feet prepared, you will not have to sit up and move the Foot Pad to the other foot, you will appreciate this convenience and eliminate the potential of adversely affecting your your exercise session by the unnecessary switching the foot pad from foot to foot.

Dimensions: 26″H x 13″W x 4″L
(66cm x 33cm x 10cm)
Weight: 9 lbs.
(approx. 4kg)

We do not coat the Multi-Positing Tower with a finish, which is not necessary for how the Multi-Positing Tower is used and helps us keep the price down.  If you choose, you can use it as is, or apply a finish that will match your decor.

Multi-Positioning_Tower_Instructions.pdf Multi-Positioning_Tower_Instructions.pdf

$230.00 ($253.00 inc GST)