Multi Grip (3mm, 4mm thick)

Product Code: rtmu

The benefits and uses of Multi Grip are numerous:

Product Features:

  • High strength liner with additional cushioning for protection and luxury feel.
  • Offers most resistance against shear or lifting
  • Air permeable. Dimensionally stable. Good sound insulation.
  • Thicker shelf liner, most durable 
  • Highest strength base scrim to prevent tearing
  • Highest quality solvent to prevent marring (sticking to other surfaces)
  • Greater thickness and resilient cushioning gives more protection to valuables
  • Best shape retention
  • Easily cuts to any size
  • Two grades - medium (choice of colours) and heavy grey
  • Strong enough to resist movement in Trucking!!!


  • Damage control for fruit displays to prevent bruising
  • Ceramic tile displays to stop breakage
  • In trucks to prevent newspaper reels tearing
  • Kitchen liner
  • Shelf liner
  • Cabinet liner
  • On counters
  • Under computers and telephones
  • Under baby carriages
  • Inside tool boxes
  • Jar opener
  • Under rugs
  • Tool gripper
  • Woodworking grip
  • Trunk liner
  • Caravan and boat shelves
  • Chair liner
  • Under TV/VCR
  • Between china
  • Drawer liner
  • Placemats
  • Table cloth
  • Under seat cushions
  • Sofa futons*
  • On serving tray
  • Under appliances
  • Under mixing bowls
  • Veterinary table mats
  • Emu and ostrich chick flooring.

 PVC - with holes | 3mm weighs approx 0.50kg/sqm and 4mm weighs 0.77 kg/sqm

EMP is a major supplier to Distributors in the Food Market Equipment Industry. We manufacture materials used as accessories in Case Liners, Display Racks, Storage Bins, etc; anyplace a non-slip application or barrier cloth is neccessary. Various colors, widths, lengths, and styles are available.
Our non-slip material is used in grocery stores as a filter for refrigerated
cases, as a disappearing backdrop for colorful displays, and as a non-slip solution to stabilize product on sloped display shelves. 

The Restaurant industry uses our non-slip products on serving trays, and on storage shelves.

Assembly lines are continually finding new areas where our non-slip material solves a problem or makes them more efficient or more effective.

Transportation companies utilize our non-slip material on trucks and railcars to help minimize damage and claims caused by shifting and sliding of precious cargo.



Sizing & Pricing Details: **

Type Cut Type Dimension Available Colours Price


Multi Lite

Cut Length
90cm wide x custom length White, Black
Cut 90: $11.00 / mtr
($12.10 inc GST)

18m Roll: $5.50/m

$99 ($108.90 in GST)


Multi Lite

Cut Length
120cm wide x custom length Cut 120: $15.00 / mtr
($16.50 inc GST)

18m Roll: $7.50 / m

$135 ($148.50 GST)


Multi Grip

Cut Length
or Roll
90cm wide x custom length Grey only! $27.00 per metre
($29.70 inc GST)
($13.50 in 20mt roll)


Multi Grip

Cut Length
or Roll
180cm wide x custom length $54.00 per metre
($59.40 inc GST)
($27.00 in 20mt roll)
Black Mighty Gripper Set of 4
14cm x 14cm (Coaster Size) Black only! $8.00 per set of 4
($8.80 inc GST)

** Wholesale: Further discounts apply for bulk rolls. Please enquire.

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