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NuFoot Footwear

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$19.95 each ($21.95 inc GST)
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Indoor footwear for home, the office, yoga, hospital, maternity, travel, or anywhere else on the go!

Mary Janes Nufoot are reminiscent of the classic Mary Janes shoe that we all know and love. Nufoot provides comfort and protection for your tired feet when you are at home, at the office, or on travel. They offer a snug and comfortable fit that is also perfect for athletic activities such as yoga, pilates and paddleboarding. Made with the latest sports technology, Nufoot’s skid-resistant soles help prevent slips for a confident stride. Water resistant and treated with anti-microbial, Nufoot protects your feet from germs.

The classic Ballet Flats Nufoot brings out the ballerina in each of us! These are super comfortable and stylish. This silhouette is perfect for parties, weddings, travel, as well as just staying at home. The foldable ultra-comfortable women's Ballet Flats Nufoot pair well with a cute pair of leggings or a mini dress.

The Betsy Lou Nufoot combines the elegance of Ballet Flats Nufoot with the fun style of the Mary Janes Nufoot.  The refined double stitched strap gives this style of Nufoot a softer, more delicate look.  It is easy to slip on and once on your feet, you will not want to take them off.  Made with the latest sports technology, Nufoot’s skid-resistant soles help prevent slips for a confident stride.

FUZZIES (Available in the Flats style or Betsy Lou)
Fuzzies are similar to standard Ballet Flats or Betsy Lou's Nufoot indoor shoes, but with a super soft fleece lining. We keep the lining thin so that you still get that wondering foot hugging feel, but now with extra warmth and comfort. Water resistant and treated with anti-microbial, Nufoot Fuzzies protect your feet from germs and dirt.

The Nufoot Slippers are made with a thicker sole and a padded heel for extra support. These slippers are waterproof and are lightweight and flexible unlike sneakers.

Nufoot Booties are great companions for your feet. Suitable for both men and women, Nufoot Booties provide the comfort of socks while protecting your feet like a pair of slippers  Made with 4-way stretch neoprene material and the latest sports technology.